Michelle Dech                          
Contact Information:  michelle.dech@lvisd.org or (830)779-6630

    I am Mrs. Dech and I will be your government and/or economics teacher at La Vernia High School. I look forward to being your teacher this year and hope that you will get a better understanding of how the US government and economy works so that you will be prepare to deal with the future. I graduated high school from Aurora Colorado and then joined the Army. While in the Army I was stationed in Germany where I met my husband, who was in the army, and have been married to him for 34 years (longer then you have been born). We have two children and they both are in the army. Kimberly is married to Augustin, who is in the army, and Christopher, my son, who served 2 tours in Iraq. 

    Yes, we are an Army family. The

Army gave us the chance to live in Germany and Italy, which was great, and then my husband retired and we moved to Houston, Texas.  I had been a stay at home mom until then and decided to get a job at the school since my kids were now in middle and high school. While in Houston I worked as a special Education aide in the Katy Independent School District. I loved being at the school and working with kids so when my husband got a new job in San Antonio, we decided that I would go to school full time to finish my degree so

I could be a teacher. I got my BA in History and went through the teaching program at UTSA. I got my certification in social studies and started work at Judson high school. I loved teaching and working with the students there. I went back to school to get my Masters for Political Science and will graduate the fall of 2016 and teaching the Dual Credit Government course.  

    We then discovered La Vernia (like no one discovered it before) and decided to move there to make our final home. As you remember (maybe not), gas prices just shot up and commuting to work just got more expensive so I put my application in at LVISD. I am happy (and I hope you are) to say that LVISD decided to make me a part of their team in August 2009.  This is a rewarding job and I believe I get more from the students then I give them. This is a condensed version of what brought me to LVISD. I know the year will be a great one.


1st Govt/Econ
2nd DC Econ/DC Govt
3rd Govt/Econ
4th DC Econ/DC Govt
5th Govt/Econ
6th Govt/Econ
7th AP Govt/AP Econ
8th Conference