Ms. Caballero
About the Teacher....
My name is Ana Paola Caballero and will be teaching Español 1 and Español 2 as well as helping with the soccer program at LVISD. I was born in Mexicocity, Mexico but was raised in South Texas. I have a Bachelor's in Psychology with a minor in Spanish and Art from the University of Texas at Brownsville. I love to travel and have been to different cities in Mexico and España. I moved to the San Antonio area in late 2016 with my husband to be become a part of this great school district. I look forward to working with our students and not only teach them about grammar but expose them to the Hispanic culture. 

Class Contact Information
Room: 419
Phone: 830-779-6630 ext. TBA 

1st:  Spanish 2
2nd: Spanish 2
3rd: Spanish 1
4th: Spanish 1
5th: Conference
6th: Spanish 2
7th: DC Lab
8th: Athletics


Codes to classes

Spanish 1: 

Spanish 2: