Ms. Angelynn May
About the Teacher....

I am a graduate from Texas Lutheran University and I am a first year teacher. I completed my student teaching experience with La Vernia Primary with a 1st grade class and I am grateful to be back in La Vernia to begin my first year.

I am the youngest of 5 and I am an identical twin. I was born and raised in Seguin, Texas. I went to Marion ISD from elementary through high school where I met my fiance. I am engaged to Joshua Rodriguez and we plan to be married in March of 2018.

Class Contact Information:
7:40-8:15            Announcements/Enrichment
8:15-9:10             Math (Homeroom)
9:10-9:55            Electives:
                               Monday- P.E.
                                    Tuesday- P.E.
                                    Wednesday- Music
                                    Thursday- Art
                                    Friday- P.E.
9:55-11:20           Math/Science (Homeroom)
11:20-11:50          LUNCH
11:50-12:05         Science [continued]
12:05                   SWITCH CLASSES
12:05-2:05          Math (Mrs. Pavlich’s class)
2:05-2:25           RECESS
2:25-3:00           Science (Mrs. Pavlich’s class)
3:00-3:05           SWITCH [pack up/dismiss]

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