Fitness Cardiovascular

                  Anaerobic and Aerobic Fitness Labs

               Students will learn the difference between 
             anaerobic and aerobic exercise.  The fitness labs will
           consist of walking, sprinting and jogging.


                                                            Pulse Assessment

               Students will learn how to take their pulse throughout
          all fitness labs.  These pulse rates will lay the foundation for
           the individual data used in assessing their cardiovascular
     fitness levels.

School Year 2017 - 2018

Target Heart Rate 

  Students will learn about target heart rate (THR) zones and
 how to calculate their own.  Students will design a THR graph based on
  their data and percentages used in class.

                                                     Anatomy of the Heart

                         A brief anatomical discussion of the heart combined with the
                       importance of oxygen use will explain the heart's relationship
                                           to anaerobic and aerobic exercise.

                                      Health vs. Skill Related Fitness

Students will learn about the difference between
     health related and skill related fitness.  They will be able to apply the
      principles of training when designing different cardiovascular training programs.