My name is Jean Potters. My background is in Speech and Theater Education with a BA from Montclair State College and an MA from New York University.  I have been teaching English at Lenape Valley for over twenty-five years.  My specialty is British literature, and for many years I taught the course chronologically starting with Beowulf and going up to the twentieth century.  I am especially fond of Chaucer, Shakespeare and Austen, though in the past I have also included Dickens, Hardy, Shaw, and Orwell in my classes.
I have for many years also taught American literature as well as speech, drama, and various senior English classes.  Some people ask me how I can work with teenagers, and I always describe how wonderful the teens are.  They are creative and energetic, and I enjoy watching them develop their talents and make discoveries.
My husband is an artist and my son is an actor, so we are all involved in the humanities.  I love music, and when I am not working I enjoy reading, going to the theater, and gardening.  We used to travel quite a bit, and I have been to a number of regions of the U.S. as well as to Europe.  I studied in England two summers and have taken students on trips abroad on a number of occasions.
  In addition to teaching English, I am also teaching Public Speaking in the fall and Drama in the spring.  These classes involve a great deal of participation and are great experience for developing poise and confidence.
  I am also the Gifted and Talented advisor.  Students are selected by teacher recommendation, usually during their freshman year.  They may be recommended for artistic talents or for exhibiting multiple signs of giftedness. During the year there are programs that the GT students may attend.  Although attendance is not mandatory, all sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the GT program are encouraged to attend as many programs as they can. These programs sometimes feature performances by musicians, actors, or dancers.  Other times the programs bring speakers or artists who present on a wide range of topics.  Our goal is to expose the students to something they would probably not encounter in their day to day classes.