Welcome to my webpage!  My name is Ms. Lombardi (unofficially for now) and I teach freshmen honors English, sophomore American Literature, Short Story to Film Adaptions, and Dramatics.  This is my 12th year in education and my 10th year teaching at Lenape Valley Regional High School.  I went to The College of New Jersey where I majored in English.  After college, I worked in PR for Atlantic Health System before I decided to attain my teaching certification via alternate route.  While at Lenape, I have directed the fall drama for 7 years.  2014's production of Father of the Bride was my last directorial endeavor. I also directed the spring musical from 2015, Oklahoma! I no longer direct so that I can spend as much time as possible with my beautiful 2 year old daughter Alexa. 

Please see my Google Classroom pages as they contain notes, announcements, and assignment descriptions.  The classroom is tied to my website's calendar for each class, but more specific and detailed info can be found on the Classroom!  Thanks for stopping by!