Volunteering at LVDA Events
As a non-profit organization the success of our various events is highly dependent on have a sufficient amount 

2018 Volunteer Hrs To Date

VolunteerTotal Hrs To Date
Jennifer Koch32
Cheryl Ash8
Emma Nasados2
Ryleigh Koch10
Susan Kinney4
Meredith Prange24
Beth Ann Adams16
Patty Weston12
Terry Wetzel16
Chris Dickenson32
Sherry Morse8
Emily Monsen8
Lindsay VanAssen8
Nancy Krial8
Sabrina Wetzel8
Trisha Hessinger1
Michaela Raines8
Jason Raines8
Dean Koch4
Abbey Saduskey2
Madison Metrick2
of volunteers at each event.   If you are interested in volunteering in some capacity during our 2018 season we have two main categories of  volunteer opportunities.    Physical or "Hands On" Activities and Supporting Activities.

In an effort to show our appreciation of your volunteering commitments we currently award a specified amount of "volunteer hours" for each volunteer activity, which can be used towards applying for various Year End Awards.    We are currently working on developing a brand new volunteer awards program which we hope to announce in the next couple months.
In the meantime please review the listing below which describes all of our current volunteer opportunities and how you can volunteer for them.

Physical Activities  (volunteer hours shown in parenthsis)

  • Show Secretary or Show Manager: (8 hrs)
  • Event Set Up and/or Tear Down: (4 hrs)
  • Scribe: (8 hrs - full day, 4 hrs- half day)
  • Runner(8 hrs - full day, 4 hrs- half day)
  • Scorer(8 hrs - full day, 4 hrs- half day)
  • Ring or Warm Up Steward: (8 hrs - full day, 4 hrs- half day)
  • Concessions Stand Attendant(8 hrs - full day, 4 hrs- half day)
  • Floater(8 hrs - full day, 4 hrs- half day)
  • Silent Auction Tables : (8 hrs - full day, 4 hrs- half day) 
Supporting Activities (volunteer hours shown in parenthsis)
  • Board or Active Committee service:  (4 hrs/yr)
  •  Show or Clinic Host: (8 hrs if not paid)
  •  Host a meeting / lecture: (4 hrs if not paid)
  •  Organize a Fund Raiser: (4 hrs)
  •  Submit a Newsletter Article:  (1 hr)
  • Solicit and obtain a Premier Diamond Sponsor:  (12 hrs)
  •  Solicit and obtain a Diamond or Platinum Sponsor:  (8 hrs)  
  •  Solicit and obtain a Gold Sponsor:  (8 hrs)  
  •  Solicit and obtain a Silver Sponsor:  (4 hrs)  
  •  Solicit and obtain a Bronze Sponsor:  (2 hrs)