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Objectives of the Library

The objectives of LVCS Library Media Center are to assist students in the development of skills needed for independent lifelong learning.  This will be done by providing them with the resources needed for research and information to empower their learning, as well as providing them with opportunities to discover the joy of reading.  We will open up their world with a wide variety of books and the use of the Internet.

The Library is open 7:30 and closes at 3:15 for students to check in/out books and do library searches on our 6 available laptop computers, the desktop computers are for library catalog use only.  5th Grade and Middle School cannot visit the library on Monday,Thursday and Friday until after 3:00 when the Elementary Class leaves the library.

Borrowing policy:  Each student will be supplied a zip lock plastic bag at the first library checkout day.  It is suggested that the books be kept in these bags to avoid liquid and ink damage which is known to happen in a back pack.  The books in the library are noted on the catalog when a book has existing damage.  If a book is returned with new damage the student is responsible to replace or pay for this book.  A used replacement book is perfectly okay (found on Amazon or used book stores).  If the damaged book is a hard bound copy the replacement should be hard bound.  

Liquid damaged books are a problem for student's that have allergies.  Liquid in books creates mold (even a small amount of liquid).   Here are some images of damaged books.  These types of books need to be replaced or paid for.  Student's that check out a book in good condition and then while the book is in their possession has some type of damage should replace or pay for the book.