Chapters 10 & 11

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Below are the lecture slides for your chapters on the circulatory system.
Here is the Essay Question.

Short Answer/ Essay (Place your answer on the answer sheet. Use the lettering to organize your answer.)

101.        Wilbur goes in for his yearly check-up and is diagnosed with High Risk Essential Hypertension. [25 Points total]

A.         Hypertension is often called a silent killer. Why is this true? [2 points]

B.         Name 3 tests Wilbur will have and why those tests will be administered. [3 points]

C.         Name 3 potential harmful effects that chronic high blood pressure cause? [3 points]

D.         What are 4 factors that can raise your risks of having high blood pressure? [4 points]

E.         Name 3 lifestyle changes that Wilbur can do to lower his blood pressure. [3 points]

F.          The medicines that help lower high blood pressure work in 3 different ways. What are those three ways and what medicines are used for each? [6 points]

G.         Wilbur’s doctor tells him that they will have to figure out by trial and error what medicines and dosages will work best. Is this true or should Wilbur look for another doctor? [1 point]

H.        Wilbur monitors his blood pressure at home and notices that after six months that his pressure has dropped back to normal. Why should Wilbur not stop taking his meds? [1 point]

I.           Name one common over the counter medicine that Wilbur should not take and give the reason for not taking it. [2 points]

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