Freshman PE

God has given us incredible bodies and it is our responsibility as Christian Leaders to learn to use physical abilities efficiently for His Glory.

Freshman Physical Education is an introduction to the basic skills and concepts related to physical activity.  The courses will include:  Fitness Components, Basics of Track and Field, Soccer, Volleyball, Weight Training Basics and Square Dancing. Freshmen Physical Education is separated between boys and girls classes except for square dancing.

 Course Objectives

1. Define and Identify the Basic Fitness Terms.

2. Identify basic muscles and how to use the wt. room equipment to strengthen them.

3. Be able to explain the basic principles of running, jumping, and throwing.

4. Perform different  and efficient ways of  running, jumping, and throwing.

5. Knowledge of basic square dance movements.

6. Performance of basic square dance movements and dance etiquette.

7. Knowledge of the proper execution of basic volleyball skills.

8. Performance of basic volleyball skills.

9. Knowledge of the proper execution of basic soccer skills.

10. Performance of basic soccer skills.

Jeff Jurss,
Aug 19, 2010, 11:18 AM