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Mr. Ken Witte is the Lutheran High School math teacher responsible for teaching students in Algebra 2, Statistics, AP Calculus, PreCalculus, and Transitions to College Math.  His formal college training was received at Concordia - Chicago, Saginaw Valley State University, University oNebraska - Lincoln, Marian University, and Concordia Univ. Wisconsin.  He has been at LHS since 2001.

He lives in Fredonia along with his wife, Cindy, Katelyn [age 18], and Matthew [age 16]. 

Student Help Sessions:
7:30am-7:55am on M, T, Th, F
8:00am-8:55am on W

AfterSchool Help Sessions:
3:15pm-3:45pm on most days
3:15pm-6:15pm on several days each week
                                                                        Please sign-up with your plans to attend.

CAPP Information for 2019-2020:  [$100 per credit]
    MATH 108           - PreCalculus [5 credits]
    MATH 171           - AP Calculus [5 credits]     changed from 4 to 5 on 7/24/2019
    ENGLISH 101     - Lit & Composition  [3 credits]
    SPANISH            - Spanish 4  [5 credits]

CAPP page for additional LHS details
    Testing fee increase announced on July 22, 2019.  The fee is now $10 per student.  

CAPP website       at         [aka: UW-Oshkosh]
         Vocabulary:  APPLICATION or APPLY: deadline is July 31
                                  The student seeks to be accepted as a CAPP student for 2019-2020.
                                  The student will informally list the upcoming class schedule.
                              REGISTRATION or REGISTER:  
                                   The CAPP e-mails will be sent to applicants after Aug. 1.
                                   This is the official registration for CAPP classes.  
                              TUITION STATEMENT:
                                   The LHS business manager will issue a billing statement in September.
                                   The student will pay to LHS.  LHS will pay one entire bill to UWOSH.  

E-Learning Expectations were announced on January 29.  With multiple days of NO SCHOOL due to severe weather, students are to be checking their LHS g-mail for class updates.  [Each course will have its own directions.]  

The e-mail might include:     
Delta Math activities with a future due date. graphing activity with directions on how to submit the work.
Author's step-by-step solutions to assist in the completion of the homework.
Suggested YouTube videos for supplemental instruction.
LHS teacher videos or slides with voice over explanations.  
Expected homework to be done when the course next meets face-to-face.

The student is able to send requests for help to the teacher.  The request should be specific to a problem or two.  A screen shot of the current student work is expected.   e-mail:

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Perfect Squares [all classes]  updated 11/20/2018

The Art of Problem Solving [found on 10/6/2018] online classes; textbooks; challenging
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100 Puzzles in 100 Days ===>  Summer 2017

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Rethinking Giftedness by Jo Boaler - YouCubed from Stanford University

How to Study for Math  ===> from Prof. Leonard [Math Videos Superstar]
      posted by him on 2017Aug16

Prof Leonard [California] ===> Math Videos from Superman
       full college lectures; find the pieces that apply to your topic

Steve Wyborney's Blog ===>  visual puzzles for engaging conversations

      posted on 2017Aug16.  

For All --- Multiplying within Array:  Double Distribution [Visual FOIL]
CAPP class information is found at AP Calculus AB and PreCalculus links.

Mathematically Proficient Student:  21st Century Skills as given from God

MATH is a language for our communications needs.  This TEDx video exposes us to the mindset of language and understanding are crucial. 

Five Principles of the Math Classroom:  a TEDx video to contemplate. 

The Land of Puzzles: Numbricks, Sudoku, and more...

17 Groovy Math Quotes --- MashUp Math

KenKen fun for Easter weekend April 2017

KenKen fun for the Music Tour in March 2017 [pdf].  on line.

Video Libraries: 
    ProfRobBob:  his awesome collection!   [5 - 25 mins each]

    PatrickJMT:  his awesome collection!  [5 - 10 mins each] 

    Prof Leonard:  College Calculus and Statistics  [full lectures, many >1hour]

Pi Day fun in video form [March 14, 2015]

Sheboygan weather:                                        

Get up after you have been knocked down; keep on learning!

Time for a quote:  [Chinese proverb] 
"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

 Be the Christian Leader [Teacher]who:
   Knows the Way              God's Word
      Goes The Way            "walk the walk";  This little Gospel Light --- let it shine!
          Shows the Way       hold the hand of Jesus

Mr. Witte from Sheboygan Lutheran High School on Vimeo.