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Lewiston-Altura Track and Field Culture

Below is the culture playbook of the Lewiston-Altura Track and Field team. It is important to point out that the following is just a bunch of thoughts and words written down. It is meaningless without our actions and behaviors following this mission. When we actively behave in the following ways we put ourselves in an excellent position to capitalize on the events life throws our way in order to achieve the outcomes we desire. 

1. Be a good Person

    a. Think of Others Before Yourself

        - We will develop a better understanding of other people's situations.

    b. Have a positive attitude

        - We will create an atmosphere that people want to be a part of.

    c. Always show respect

        - We will be role models in our school and community.

2. Be a good Student

    a. Complete your work.

        - We will become an academic gold or silver team.

    b. Be an active participant in class.

        - We will understand the course material.

    c. Make disciplined decisions

        - We will have more influence over our outcomes.

3. Be a good Athlete

    a. Compete against yourself.

    b. Compete with your teammates.

    c. Celebrate the Grind.


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