The Luther College Sustainability House is a co-ed college owned house with 10 members.  The members strive to live in an intentional community focusing on sustainability.  Sustainability has a different meaning for each individual and can encompass different aspects including environmental, economic, and social concerns.  The members of the house aim to to learn from each other, recognizing that each person comes from a different background and has a unique view of the world.

Each year members are to complete at least one project.  Each year the term "project" can be interpreted differently allowing for creativity in carrying out this task. There might be one big project for the entire year, or several smaller projects throughout.  Check out the current and past projects page for more information.

You can keep up with the events of the house by following our blog.

We encourage you to live intentionally to think about how every action has an impact.

    -LEFSE  ( Luther's Environmentally, Fiscally and Socially responsible Edifice).