Luther College's Pre-Registered Nursing Club Website
This website was made by Luther College nursing students who have gathered information from her peers, professors, and other health professionals to hopefully help you make the adjustment to your Junior year in Rochester and the rest of your nursing career at Luther College just a little bit easier!
The goal of this website is to help provide you:
  • Hints and advice from past students (from studying, going to clinical, to the best places around Rochester)
  • Provide you with local information about Rochester, MN
  • Lists of resources for academic and personal self-help
  • Give you basic ideas for eating better, fitting fitness into your life, essential health information, and housing contracts
  • Study suggestions
  • Provide an online supportive community for Junior students (please fill free to leave comments or suggestions or any other questions you may have)

Read, learn, and enjoy advice from past students, but remember:

"As you move forward in your nursing career and gain knowledge and experience, always look for ways to help and support those who follow you. Teaching is a great way to keep learning and to give back"

Please leave comments and suggestions to help your fellow peers and those who follow you!! Thanks!




 I really hope this website helps make your transition to Rochester become a little easier! As a disclaimer, at this time this website is not officially affiliated with either Luther College or the Luther College Nursing Program. Also, this is a "work in progress", so the website will be frequently updated.

The author is not to be held responsible for the content on the website. If you have any questions, please email Kirstin Manges at mangki01@luther.edu.