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Regents Center 218 , 305


1. Turn on the COMPUTER.


The LCD projector in this
room is coordinated by the
Extron Control Panel that

sits on top of the desk.

Call the LIS Help Desk
for assistance, 387-1000.

    2. TURN ON the LCD PROJECTOR using the REMOTE.
    Light will flash while the Control Panel starts.

    3. Select the DEVICE that you want to display:

    A. CPU = desktop
    B. Laptop
    PC/DVD (For Volume control)
    Make sure the knob is 
    on the right side:
 A or B.


    4. VOLUME: Turn on the Right sided equipment. Adjust the volume of PC or DVD.
NO AUDIO?  Check the megaphone icon on computer screen.  

    5. TURN OFF to power down the projector using theREMOTE.
    AUTO IMAGE may help to adjust the display