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Graded Assignments

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Any and all graded assignments can be revised and resubmitted for an improved grade as long as they are initially turned in on time, revised and resubmitted by the due date.  

Math Office Hours

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Mrs. Landurm room M405--Algebra I and Intro to Algebra
Monday and Thursday

Mrs. Henry room M403--Algebra I
Tuesday and Thursday

Mr. Riehlmann room M401--Intro to Algebra
Tuesday and Thursday

Retake Policy

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Any student who wishes to improve a quiz or a test may take a retake if he/she does each of the following in a timely manner:
1.  Get a parent signature.
2.  Complete corrections on the test or quiz.
3.  Attend office hours to review and/or complete corrections with Mrs. Landrum or Mrs. Henry during office hours.
4.  Complete additional practice problems and/or review original test, study guide, homework etc in order to study for the retake.
5.  Attend a scheduled office hour to retake the quiz or the test during office hours.

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