Middle School Orchestra

                    Digital Audition Instructions

Deadline update:

* All director applications and student recordings must be submitted by 3pm on November 29th

November 29th at 4pm we will have a meeting (no longer than one hour) to address the following issues:

        - Issues with uploading recordings

        - CD uploading if needed

        - How to use online adjudication form

        - Live listening/adjudication if wanted

* Directors will have until midnight on December 3rd to listen to and adjudicate submissions

December 4th: VP and President will discuss and balance results.  Any director who wants to participate should contact them

December 5th by 8am: Audition results posted online

Orchestra - What You Need to Know and Do

    • 2018 MS Orchestra Guest Conductor is Michael Hernandez, MLK School SUSD

    • Read the MS Student Handbook  and View Audition Instructions below

    • Check Schedule for conflicts with rehearsal & concert dates

    • See your Director (teacher) for audition details, Auditions are Digital this year

    • Create and Submit an audition with your Director's help

    • Audition Results will be posted on our website and sent to your Director. 

If accepted:
You and your parent will print, complete and submit our Participation Form. This form must be submitted to your Director before the first rehearsal. See your Director for your Music Folder.

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