Welcome to choir at Mable Barron with Mr. Short! We have a fun and busy year planned so let's make some music! Please come to rehearsals focused and ready to learn. Students will learn to sing with good tone, blend, balance, rhythm, diction, as well as music reading skills through a variety of musical selections.

Rehearsal Schedule Room12:
    3rd  Grade - Wednesdays and Friday from 11:35-12:00
    4-5th Grade- Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:45-12:15
    6-8th Grades- Daily during elective times

2017-18 Choir Performance Schedule

           Wednesday November 8th- All Choirs
                Stockton Heat National Anthem
                       - 6pm arrival Stockton Arena
                       - Downtown Stockton Arena
                            - on Fremont Street