The goal of each ensemble, in rehearsal and performance, is to achieve a high degree of learning and performing excellence. It is the responsibility of the conductor and performers to be prepared for each rehearsal. It is only through careful preparation that the goals of our music program can be achieved. Over the years, Mable Barron has enjoyed a rich tradition of musical excellence. Our musical efforts enhance the cultural and artistic life of our student body  and we develop skills for lifelong participation in music. Your enrollment and active participation in this program carries with it the responsibility for continued growth and success.

Practice and Performance

Each student should expect to spend roughly 105 minutes a week practicing their instrument. This is easiest and most effective when broken down into 15 minute chunks and spaced out over the week.

The goal of our program is to develop well-rounded students and musicians; therefore, performance is an important aspect, but not the main objective of our program.