Lunenburg Middle/High School Building Project

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News and Announcements

4/30/2016 Click to view the Status Update - Contingency Scope Adds
2/12/2016 Click Construction Progress for Updated Construction Look Ahead 
12/22/2015 Click Press for Updated Construction Look Ahead 12.11.15 thru 01.01.16
08/21/2015 Click Press for Updated Construction Look Ahead 08.10.15 thru 08.29.15
03/16/2015 Click Press for Updated Construction Three Week Look Ahead 

Photographs (for more photos see Construction Progress Tab)
Fitness Equipment Installation , May 2016                                                                 

                  Aerial View, August 2015                  Aerial View, April 2015,                              Topping Off Ceremony Day                                                   


Renderings & Site Plans 


Schematic Site Plan - October, 2013

New Building 6-12 Floor Plans - October, 2013