Lunenburg Middle/High School Building Project

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Lunenburg Middle-High School Dedication Ceremony & Construction Progress Videos

The following links shown below are for the public's viewing enjoyment of the dedication ceremony and construction progress videos.  We would like to extend a big thank you to  Mr. Eric Vickery for his aerial photography/video, Mr. Steve Malandrinos for his slideshow and all of the dignitaries, faculty, architects, project managers, construction companies, volunteers and community members that made these ceremonies and the building project successful!

Dedication Ceremony Video:

Mr. Vickery's Aerial Photographs:

Mr. Malandrinos Slideshow of Construction Progress:  

News and Announcements

4/30/2016 Click to view the Status Update - Contingency Scope Adds
2/12/2016 Click Construction Progress for Updated Construction Look Ahead 
12/22/2015 Click Press for Updated Construction Look Ahead 12.11.15 thru 01.01.16
08/21/2015 Click Press for Updated Construction Look Ahead 08.10.15 thru 08.29.15
03/16/2015 Click Press for Updated Construction Three Week Look Ahead 

Photographs (for more photos see Construction Progress Tab)
Fitness Equipment Installation , May 2016                                                                 

                  Aerial View, August 2015                  Aerial View, April 2015,                              Topping Off Ceremony Day