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All clients are seen and treated as individuals with your varying needs specific to you. My work is a balance between you, other practitioners, and myself. When you come for a treatment I listen carefully to your physical history, emotional state, and what you want to change in your physical structure to make life more pleasurable. You are ultimately responsible for the outcome of the body work by drinking plenty of water, doing stretches, being as mobile as possible, and having a healthy positive attitude.

The 3 Levels of Vibrational Magnet Healing

1. At the Physical level ~ Vibrational Magnetic Healing (VMH) is used mostly with massage, Shiatsu or any Asian style of bodywork, cranial sacral work, clinical massage,etc. VMH will open the meridian channel to allow for the release of pain, held negative energies, and energy movement within the meridians. Magnets and tuning forks are applied to points on the body during treatment to facilitate this release.

2. At the Emotional level ~ There are six different stages to releasing emotional pain, depending upon the Hara* reading and the depth of the imbalance of each of the meridians. The first stage is the easiest to apply; the 6th stage involves a deeper and stronger movement within the element cycle. Each stage is in progression to strengthen previous stages and works with the control and production cycles of the 5 Elements within the Hara*. These different stages release old emotions from the body, which have been causing painful emotions.

* The Hara is the area of the abdomen below the ribs and above the hip bones. This area is read with a gentle touch to determine the balance of the 5 Elements. The reading provides the practitioner with information of the interplay of the 5 elements, and how that interplay needs to be readjusted for balanced healing.

3. At the Spiritual level ~ To clear the physical, emotional, and spiritual body of unnecessary influences, the Aggressive Energy, Possession, and Windows of the Sky points are treated depending on the client's needs. Mikio Sankey's Esoteric Acupuncture points for a sacred geometric layout on the body using the Mer Ka Ba, Jacob's Ladder, and other patterns to release and work with Spiritual/Emotional areas of the body in order to align the body with energy from Heaven and Earth. This spiritual level work connects us to the 5 Elements by opening the body as a channel of pure light energy! When we are able to conduct the pure light energy continuously from the Earth to Heaven and from Heaven to Earth (like plants and animals do) we are able to heal all layers of our bodies and live harmoniously on the planet sharing our Oneness with all beings.

Energy Work

My energy work can combine Shiatsu, Shamanism, Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Acupressure, and Clinical Massage work which may include intuitive reading of the body, and Chakras. I may use Hara reading, toning forks, Tibetan bowls, or extraction work to help move and clear the stagnant energy or chi from your body. This energy work clears all your meridians so the body is balanced. Your chakras are cleared with different rays of color for healing. The physical, emotional, and mental layers of the body are cleared and white light or golden light is used to surround you for protection and healing.

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