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Fresh Caught, All Natural 20s

posted May 13, 2013, 7:26 PM by Amy Lum
I haven't posted in a while, I've been too busy starting new crafts instead of finishing older ones... and now I have very many that are very near completion, and I'd say look forward to many new posts in the next few days but knowing me I'll probably end up starting many more new ones again... Also I've put a lot of my creations on my Deviantart; most of my projects are here, and all of my work in progress posts, but if you really want to comment (Google Sites doesn't really allow for that), you can do that at Deviantart!

Today we went on a trip to the beach for the express purpose of taking pictures of these new marine themed dice bags.

The squid I posted in a WIP shot a while ago, and then the recipient took a vacation so I felt no pressure to finish it. After I had finished, however, I decided to make a new dice bag for myself, seeing as how the first one I made turned out extraordinarily large, with room for at least three times my humble amount of dice, which besides a regular set of gaming dice and a handful of assorted other dice and MTG life counters, includes a giant D30 and a bunch of dice beads. I was thinking of fun things I could do with the drawstring, and I somehow stumbled on the idea of the blowhole of a whale (among many other things, look forward to those in the future). So I finished that in a day, and we went down to the beach and had a photoshoot. There are many many more pictures, but these four I picked out for Etsy. I selected the dice pictured to match the bags; lucky for me, my set shines mostly bluish, and my boyfriends is red.

These are both crocheted, and the drawstrings are hand made; the whale's is a diamond braid (and the darker blue is kind of sparkly, so it shines when the light hits it), and the squid has a lucet cord, an authentic Viking era cord. The squid's eyes are made from coconut shell buttons, mostly because that's what I had lying around. The whale's spout stands up on its own; no wires were used. They each fit about three sets of gaming dice, but it's hard to judge as I only have access to two.