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Exciting Times

posted Mar 20, 2013, 12:36 AM by Amy Lum
Yes, there have been no posts in a long while, and there is a very real possibility that this post is just thrown into the emptiness. I have been very busy these past months, what with finding a new apartment, moving to said apartment, moving my epic bed desk to the new apartment and assembling it, family illness complete with hospitalization and surgery, troubleshooting The Internet at the new apartment and consequently replacing the wall jack, running wires through walls, repairing the showerhead, buying a couch only to find that it wouldn't fit in the car, strapping the couch to the top of the car, driving over half of Highway 17 with a couch strapped to the top of the car, a mad scientist electrical experiment gone bad and taking out the power for about 24 hours,  trying to save the buy one get one chicken we had purchased a few days prior to the power outage... I never ended up finishing those Christmas presents promised in the last post, and due to some unfortunate circumstances I no longer need to. Within the next few days, however, I plan on opening an Etsy shop with a very small sampling of my work, and posting a few small things on here that I've managed to create throughout for either necessity or convenience.