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Deadly Scarf

posted Nov 15, 2012, 2:15 PM by Amy Lum

On the topic of obscure-video-game-monster-scarves, this scarf has a sprite of the "Raincoat Killer" from the thrilling murder mystery game, Deadly Premonition. Known as Red Seeds Profile in Japan, this game is equal parts inappropriate comedy, supernatural horror-action sequences (that are never really explained...) and Twin Peaks references. You play as FBI Special Agent York Morgan, trying to find a serial killer in the fictional small town of Greenvale, Washington. Often while investigating, York will decide (with no consultation to the player) to investigate a crime scene alone, and inevitably the inside of the building will have shifted to its "Other World" counterpart. In these action sequences, York must find clues and kill zombie-like "Shadows" as they attempt to shove their arms down his throat. Sometimes York will run across the Raincoat Killer, the ax-wielding supernatural counterpart of the serial killer that York is pursuing, and the player must press some order of buttons to evade him. In some sequences York will be locked in a room and the Raincoat Killer will approach the door, say "I see you" in the most terrifying way imaginable, and proceed to hack down the door as the player finds a hiding place for York. When the door is gone the Raincoat Killer will walk around the room slowly, dragging his ax (that with the handle is about as tall as he is), looking for York, and forcing him to hold his breath so as to not be found.

The sprite used features the Raincoat Killer in chibi form, and was found on a Deadly Premonition fan art page by someone called ThisIsACoolGuy.

The reverse side features an "upside down peace sign", which is an important clue which comes up many times throughout the murder investigation.

For this project I used red eyelash yarn coupled with a bulky black yarn. I chose this because the actual raincoat worn by the Raincoat Killer is old and frayed, and I thought the eyelash yarn would mimic this well; I also wanted it to represent the red vines found throughout the dark Other World.