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Crafts of a Different Nature

posted May 29, 2013, 11:57 AM by Amy Lum
I've been a bit busy lately as my phone, which I use for all of my pictures on this site, died. Well, not entirely so, the backlight just went out. It was then that I realized that not all crafts are the soft kind.

This is my old phone, laid out on my workstation for repairs. Work is stalled right now because the very tiny screws were screwed in too tight, so I'm having a bit of trouble getting them out.

This is my pride and joy, not often thought of as a craft. This is Houston, the PC I built for myself about three or four years ago and have maintained. It has almost 3 terabytes of internal memory, 8GB RAM, an AM3+ 6 core processor, a military grade motherboard, 2 USB 3.0 ports (not to mention 9 USB 2.0 ports), a Blu-ray reader, a separate Blu-ray burner, an HDMI hookup to the TV, and a window on the side with LED fans. And all of this from a craftsperson that is not too much of a hardcore gamer.

These are the sorts of projects that occupied my time this past weekend; I decided I needed an application from my Palm Pilot in order to continue with my RPG (retro, I know), but, as I finally, finally managed installing a proper OS (the modern ones can't facilitate the necessary USB interaction between devices), I realized that somehow the power cord for the Palm Pilot dock had died. It took me about a day's work to install the software and troubleshoot the hardware, and when night fell I was closer than I had ever been to running my Palm Pilot alongside modern technology. However, when I woke up in the morning, my phone greeted me with a flickering screen that went suddenly and irreversibly dark. I of course decided to research the issue, but when I turned my computer on I smelled burning plastic. After an hour of investigation I discovered that sparks were coming out of the back of my computer. That whole day I just had to wait in a silence filled only by battery powered devices while my father, my technological lifeline, and my boyfriend, without whom I could not open my computer because of a previous drama involving spiders crawling into it, went about their lives, oblivious to my plight.

At the weekend's close I ended up with a new power supply and a new smartphone, and a new charger for my Palm Pilot is on its way, and now hopefully I can get things done.