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Catching Up

posted Dec 16, 2013, 11:12 AM by Amy Lum
What with Halloween, family, the flu, two birthdays, simultaneous Hanukkah and Thanksgiving, new video games, and now Christmas, life has consumed all the time I had for posting. Now, however, is time for catching up. Many of the things promised have not been finished (such as my epic Halloween costume, oh well there is time for that later), so what I have to show for my time is rather sparse, but life took care to fill in the emptiness with so many special memories.

First off is Halloween, a suit of armor of cardboard and duct tape, based loosely on the knight character from the video game Demon's Souls:

It is not by any means perfect, and in fact was quite rushed, with a 5-hour last minute crunch on Halloween morning, and a good amount of time the day before. Despite that, there still wasn't time to finish up the arms, or make the sword and shield.

The shoulders, however, I am quite proud of, and probably spent the most time on them, which would be why there was no time for everything else...

I will be redoing all of the pieces that I am unhappy with later, and this piece should last through a good many Halloweens to follow, not to mention maybe a few conventions and possiblly Renaissance fairs.

Also I got to make spats!