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A Quick And Educational Update

posted Jun 6, 2013, 10:21 AM by Amy Lum   [ updated Jun 6, 2013, 10:31 AM ]
Just a quick one today, to say that I do have a few new things to post, but the photography is very important to me for the finished projects, and I like to use natural lighting, and it has been overcast the past week or so here. So, in the mean time, I will give you a quick update on a technology that resides in my new phone, called Near Field Communication, or NFC. It exists in the form of an antenna inside the back cover of my phone and a few stickers that I ordered from eBay. When I wave over my phone over the stickers, magic occurs (the magic of Inductive Charging), bringing the circuits within the sticker to life, and calling forth tasks and commands within my phone. For example, there is one right inside the doorway, which upon entering and activating will turn my phone's wireless data off and connect it to the wifi, and upon exiting turn on wireless data while disabling wifi. There is another by my bedside, which silences my phone. I am also planning for one inside of a keychain (of my own design of course; I'm thinking it may be time for an excursion into resin casting), which would switch my phone into "Busy Mode", on vibrate and perhaps with the wireless data turned off.

Edit: The doorway switch does not actually turn mobile data on and off; this is done by connecting and disconnecting from the wifi. So, if the wifi should ever go out, my phone will automatically switch to the mobile network.