Luling Volunteer Fire Department

- Loyal to our Duty….. That’s not just a statement it’s what we are. During the last year the Department has grown and improved in many ways to improve our dedication and determination to serve the people of our community.

    Our department currently consists of 40 volunteers and 4 career full time firefighters and 1 Administrative Assistant. The department currently maintains 4 fire stations that house 5 Engines, 1 ladder, 2 heavy rescue/service, 1 reserve rescue/service, 1 utility truck, and 3 chief’s units.

    A number of our newer members have achieved certifications that allow us to serve our community better.

    These volunteer  members attended courses and testing provided by the Department on their own time and have obtained the following certifications: Hazmat Awareness - 14 volunteers, Hazmat Operations - 10 volunteers, Hazmat Technician - 5 volunteers, Firefighter 1 - 10 volunteers, Firefighter 2 - 6 volunteers, Instructor 1 - 5 volunteers, Officers 1 - 3 volunteers, Rope Rescue and Confined Space - 7 volunteer, EMT - 4 volunteers, Fire Investigator - 1 volunteer, 17 volunteers are also Emergency Medical Response certified.

     The current career firefighters carry the following certifications:  4 certified in Hazmat Awareness; 4 certified in Hazmat Operations; 3 certified as Hazmat Techs, 4 certified as Firefighter 1, 4 Certified as Firefighter 2, 3 certified as Instructor 1, 2 certified as Officer 1,4 certified in Rope Rescue and Confined Space, 1 certified EMT, and 1 certified investigator, all current paid firefighters have Emergency Medical Responder certification.

    The Department is very proud of the accomplishments of the men and women of our department, both the career staff and the volunteers. Their knowledge and dedication has allowed us to respond professionally, timely, and knowledgeably to 579 calls in 2016 and 455 calls as of October 9, 2017.

    The Department has currently updated the fleet of apparatus. Recently two new rescue units were purchased that were manufactured by the Hackney Company, located in Washington, NC. The first unit received was a light rescue unit and it is housed at Station 23 in Ama, Louisiana on Ellen Street. The vehicle is smaller to accommodate the narrow streets in Ama and it also is the  "First Out" apparatus for the River Road area of Ama. It carries an assortment of all the equipment we need to perform automobile crash extrication and to work a structure fire in the Ama area. The second rescue unit is a medium to heavy rescue unit and is housed at Station 21, on Paul Maillard, in Luling. It is a primary rescue response unit for the entire district, particularly the Luling area north of Boutte, and the I-310 Interstate Highway. It has the necessary equipment to perform complex automobile crash extrication, as well as high angle/confined space rescues. This unit was also purchased from the Hackney Company, located in Washington, NC. This unit also has equipment necessary to work structure fires in the district and enables rehabilitation efforts for our firefighters when performing their various tasks.





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 The department is also in the process of purchasing 2 new fire engines. The two proposed fire engine will be constructed by E-One, located in Ocala, Florida, and are going to be purchased through Sunbelt Fire, Inc., located in Fairhope, Alabama. Each apparatus is a custom built fire engine, built completely by E-One. Each apparatus has a 1500 GPM pumping capacity with water/foam combination capability. These units will be purchased to replace our current 14 year old "First Out" fire engines located at Station 21 on Paul Maillard  and Station 22 on St. Anthony Street. Both of these units will carry 6 firefighter/responders and meet all NFPA requirements and certifications.

    The purchase of these new apparatus (Rescue Units and Fire Engines) are a culmination of approximately 8 years of planning to conduct an orderly transition of vital equipment for our fire district to maintain and replace high grade/high standard equipment in an orderly manner whereas not to place the department or the district in a compromising situation from a financial and a response standpoint. This endeavor was accomplished through dedicated and hard work by our Truck Committee (7 members), the Finance Committee, and the Officers and entire membership of the department by having patience, being engaged throughout the entire process, and having the foresight to plan responsibly for the future.

    The Leadership team and members have been great stewards of financial responsibility in spending tax funds.  By doing so, the department continues to employ personnel to aid the volunteer members.  In addition the department maintains an up today fleet of apparatus and equipment.  Through these mechanisms and by providing quality training the department is able to provide the citizens of Fire District 2, consisting of "Ama, Boutte, and Luling" a PIAL "Property Insurance of Louisiana" Class 3 rating which helps in keeping down the cost of homeowner’s insurance in our district.

    There are many “hats” to be worn as a Volunteer and the department is always seeking new members. Firefighter experience is not necessary and there are many ways to serve through the fire service for those who do not want to actually fight fires. We have a Jr. Firefighter program for those from age 14 to 18. Training is on Monday nights at 6:30 p.m. at Station 21 located at 1603 Paul Maillard Road in Luling. We encourage anyone who has an interest, or a curiosity, in Fire Service to stop by for a visit.