Our synergy is through a shared vision for the future. We, the members of the Luling Volunteer Fire Department, pledge to protect life, property, and the environment. We will strive to meet our commitment through a proactive approach to continuously enhancing the quality of services and being “Loyal to Our Duty”. We serve our community with Pride and Dedication.

We are committed to creating and implementing innovative ideas to improve the safety, quality of life, leadership ability, and development of our members. As leaders in our community, we are committed, loyal, and honest to our members.

We will continue to evolve and reflect as an organization to address the needs of our members, community, and evaluations. We must be firm, but flexible enough to adapt, in order to meet the ever changing needs of our stakeholders.

The Luling Volunteer Fire Department shall continue to develop our organization into a combination department, to address community growth.  

We are committed to improving relations with Parish Fire Departments and Emergency Response agencies to develop partnerships for now and for the future.

We will continue to develop and help operate a first class Training Center that provides opportunities for Parish Fire Departments and Emergency Response agencies.   


We dedicate our Professional Volunteer Services to the safety and welfare of the community through emergency response, prevention, leadership, training, and education.


We are all valued members of a diverse Volunteer Fire Department family:

    Team-oriented, Open communication at all levels, Positive environment, Input is valued, Respect for one another, Compassion toward one another Compassion for our calling to service, Family


 We are professional in our actions:

    Appearance and behavior, Courteous attitude, High quality service, Honesty, fairness, and integrity, Understanding and compassion for others, Effectiveness, efficiency, and economy

We strive for excellence:

    Public and member’s safety, Unity, teamwork, and leadership, Personal health and well-being, Personal and professional, development, Training, preparedness, and readiness


We are the Luling Volunteer Fire Department and we are “Loyal to Our Duty” – Meaning, We serve our community with Pride and Dedication.



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