Illicit tobacco trade

Since 1994 Luk Joossens advised the World Bank, the European Commission, the World Health Organisation, the US Surgeon General, the Finnish government, the Belgian government, the UK Presidency, the International Union against Cancer, the Association of European Cancer Leagues, the Framework Convention Alliance and the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use about illicit tobacco trade.  He represented Belgium in the International Conference on Illicit Tobacco Trade (ICITT) at the United Nations in New York City from July 30 to August 1, 2002 and made more than 100 presentations on illicit tobacco trade in 50 countries. 

He was one of the rapporteurs of the WHO expert group on illicit tobacco trade, “Elaboration of a template for a protocol on illicit trade in tobacco products”, which was the discussion text during the first round of the negotiations on the illicit tobacco trade FCTC protocol in February 2008.

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