Ø  In the period 1988-1995, Luk was a consultant on smoking prevention to the Commission of European Communities and Director of the European Bureau for Action on Smoking Prevention (BASP). He was responsible for editing 27 Newsletters on smoking prevention in the European Union and 15 reports on tobacco control in the EU. He was the principal advisor on smoking prevention to the Commission, when they drafted the proposals of Directive to control tobacco during this period.

Ø Luk was the author of WHO Technical briefing Series Paper 2, Improving Public Health through an International Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which was one of the discussion texts during the first working group on the FCTC in October 1999.

Ø  In 2004, Luk was one of the authors of the ASPECT consortium report “Tobacco or health in the European Union. Past, present and future”, which was financed by and prepared for the use of the European Commission.

The 2004 Aspect Report

Ø  Together with Martin Raw, Luk developed a new level of systematisation into scoring tobacco control measures, based on evidence of effectiveness, at country level. The tobacco control score ranked 30 European countries in 2003, 2005 and 2007 by their total score on the scale out of a maximum possible score of 100.

The 2006 article on the Tobacco Control Scale published in Tobacco Control

Tobacco control scale report 2010

Tobacco control scale postcard 2010