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Kickoff Party - Thank you

Thank you...

for your extraordinary support of our Kickoff Party on Saturday November 7th, 2009. It was a huge success! Whether you were there, donated from afar, or supported us along the way, we thankyou deeply.

We were overwhelmed by the support and the energy you brought on Saturday night. There were over 170 people in attendance (70 more than our goal) and we raised over $12,500 (more than $2,500 over our goal). Your generosity of both money and spirit are humbling.

A few stats...

Gross amount raised: $12,500+
Silent Auction: $470
Smallest Donation: $4
Largest Donation: $1000
Estimated Number of Donations: 150
Average Donation: $118
Youngest attendee: 15 months
Oldest attendee: 84 years
Number of volunteers: 20

It has always been our intention to bring people together from different places: friends, family, co-workers, co-opers, people of faith, social justice activists, artists & musicians, progressives, and anybody working for a better world. It was thrilling to see that realized.

We'll be posting photos of the event when we can - if you took photos you'd like to share, send them along to

Special thanks to First Church in Jamaica Plain, all the volunteers & consultants, Rosana Peixoto, Zili Misik, Equal Exchange, Sam Adams Brewing Co, Fena Gonzalez, Harvest Co-op, Inman Oasis, On Centre, Jolie Olivetti, Rhythm & Muse Bookstore and everyone who contributed.

We hope you'll join us for our next event; this is only the beginning! And again, many, many thanks for your contributions to our community,

The Lucy Stone Coop Planning Team
(Danae, Danilo, Greg, Heather, Hebert, Hilary, Matt, & Rowan)

p.s. If you pledged and have yet to fulfill that pledge, we'll be in touch! You can always donate online at our website:  For those who provided us with a mailing address, we will send a letter of receipt for your records near year's end.