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Looking Back - December 2010

Some Facts
•First “official” Lucy Stone Cooperative Planning Team Meeting: May 26, 2009
•Incorporated as “Unitarian Universalist Community Cooperatives, Inc.” (UUCC)
•Member Co-op of NASCO (North American Students of Cooperation)
•Unitarian Universalist Association Related Organization

Some Numbers
• Planning Team Meetings (3 hours each)30
• Planning Team Members6
• Person-Hours Spent in Planning Team Meetings581
• Planning Team Retreats3
• Matt’s e-mails tagged “Lucy Stone,” as of 12/3/20102,940
• Newsletters Sent10
• Public Events8
• Number of People Who’ve Attended Our Events400+

Sample of the Events We’ve Held
•Standing on the Side of Love Leadership Development Training
•Anti-Racism Training for Cooperative Organizations
•Interfaith Caucus and Worship at NASCO Cooperative Education & Training Institute
•Solidarity Suppers
•Reception at 2010 General Assembly in MN
•“At Home in Utopia” movie night with Kavod House
•Annual Celebration & Fundraiser Parties

From Where The Funds Come
• Total Investments$140,000
• Total number of Investors13
• Largest Investment$25,000
• Total Donations $20,000
• Number of Donors200+
• Smallest Donation$3
• Largest Donation$1,000
• Total Grants Awarded$19,400

A Sample of the Places We’ve Held Meetings & Events
•Beaufort  House
•Beacon Hill Friends House
•Brookfield, NH
•Cambridge Co-op
•City Life/Vida Urbana
•First Church in Jamaica Plain, UU
•First Parish Church in Dorchester, UU
•Garden Street House
•Individuals’ homes
•JP Licks
•Moishe Kavod House
•Nobleview Outdoor Center (AMC cabin)
•Seedpod Co-op
•Ula Café
•UU Urban Ministry
•UUA General Assemblies in MN & UT

Conferences, Workshops, & Trainings We’ve Attended
•Bioneers: Connecting for Change (2010)
•Boston Community Cooperatives (2008)
•Fundraising (2010)
•Heating Systems: Simplified (2010)
•NASCO Institute (Co-op Education) (‘08, ‘10)
•US Social Forum in Detroit, MI (2010)
•UU General Assembly in UT & MN (‘09 & ‘10)

LSC Committees
Much of our work happens in committee before being proposed to the whole planning team.  Some committees are ad hoc, and others are ongoing.  Here’s some of the work we’ve done in 2-3 person committees.
•Event Planning
•Housemate Handbook
•Labor Systems
•Leadership Trainings
•Meeting Facilitation
•Party Planning
•Real Estate
•Rent Setting
•Retreat Planning