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Join us this Sunday for Dinner and Singing

We invite our wider community to join us for dinner and singing every Sunday at 7pm.  Check out the link on the left side of the page or just send us a note at info@lucystonecoop.org  to let us know you're coming!  

Thank you for such a successful fall fundraiser!

Nearly a hundred of our community members joined us for a wonderful evening of music, merriment, dancing, mini-golf, and a celebration of cooperative values.  We raised almost $5,000 and saw our extended community in all it's beauty.

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"Living Their Values Cooperatively"
Article in UUWorld, by Michelle Bates Deakin

It’s a cold March night in Boston. But inside the Lucy Stone house, there’s a feeling of Thanksgiving in the air. Chairs of assorted sizes, stools, and even a tall drum are crowded around two dining room tables pushed together to form a T. Tapered candles and a flaming chalice cast a warm glow over the mismatched glasses, mugs, and place settings for sixteen.

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NASCO Member Co-op Spotlight: Lucy Stone Coop

Article Featured in January/February 2010 , NASCO issue

For many religious liberal and activists, there is a difference between what we want the world to look like and the way that we are actually able to live our lives.  Faith communities and housing cooperatives are two powerful places that people can find support in making the daily decisions to live more in line with their values.  To that end, we are forming a faith-based coop in Boston.