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Presentations...iPad Style

Presentations…iPad Style: Keynote and Explain Everything


You’ve learned how to use apps like ShowMe and Explain Everything to create demonstrations for your students, but how can they use these tools?  How can you collect and grade their work, even when the files are large?  This workshop will cover how you can use iPad, Keynote, and Explain Everything to have students create, share, and view presentations for class.

Tech Inservice - Presentations


YouTube Playlist with Keynote Tutorials - features various videos, including one series of 11 tutorials, each about 10 minutes long.  If you're not interested in investing that much time, try "Keynote for iPad in 5 Minutes"

YouTube Playlist with CloudOn Tutorials - features a short, but good tutorial on PowerPoint with CloudOn

YouTube Playlist with Google Presentation Tutorials - short videos, mainly created with full computers (remember to use the Desktop version of Google Apps from iPad to create a presentation!)

Link to a YouTube playlist with examples of student work created with ExplainEverything:
Website for the app features print tutorials, video tutorials, and a blog showcasing ideas for using the app - From Technology with Intention, screencasting ideas for flipping classrooms beyond math classrooms