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Collaborative Tools for Notetaking and Mindmapping

Participants will be able to:
  • discuss possible student and teacher workflow routines using commonly used apps
  • review and learn about the full range of features in several apps 
  • explore apps beyond Google Docs for collaborative writing, annotation and brainstorming

Workshop participants will share ideas for managing and sharing work with students across platforms. During this session, we will also dig deeper into potential uses for Evernote, and will explore others apps that will help students collect and organize their ideas. Additionally, we will spend time exploring apps that promote collaboration among students and teachers and allow for annotation.


  • How were students taking notes last year? 
  • Are there specific methods of note taking that you prefer?
  • Do you frequently use mind mapping in your classroom? 
  • Why would one want to have students mind map?
  • Have you and your department/school identified a specific workflow for sharing documents and notes? How will students turn in work to you?  
  • Burning question?
Exploration: Break up into pairs or small groups and choose 2 apps to explore. Groups will reports on these apps to the whole group at the conclusion of this activity.

Free Apple Apps:

Built In to Your iPad: 
(You can these  sync with Google Calendar and across devices. Check out your Settings: Mail, Contacts, Calendars.) 
iTunes U course - annotate in courses; notes section

Free or Provided by Mercy:

Note Taking:

Index Cards/Flash Cards;


Readability (need an account at 

For Future Consideration: Demo by Lucy

SketchBook Pro