Mr. Dean Roush - Room 211 -

2016 Polar Plunge: Team Luckie Duckie

Mr. Roush

Welcome to Mr. Roush's Web Page

This web site will provide you with options to help you find the class syllabus for my Advanced Physics, Conceptual Sciences-Physics, Math 8, and Math 7 classes.  Please feel free to take time to look through to read what is expected from the students in these classes.  You will also find information for 7th and 8th grade math describing what assignments will be given and topics to be discussed.  This will also help parents know when a quiz or test is up and coming.

Just a little bit of information about myself:

I have been teaching math and physics in the Luck School District since 1998 and have enjoyed every minute.  My family lives in a farm home outside of Cushing ,Wisconsin.  My wife Rhonda and I have three children (Mike, Sarah, and Eric) and five grand children (Marcus, Melanie, Cecilia, Genevieve, and Martha).

Rhonda and I enjoy doing many of the same activities, but our real passion is Twins baseball.  Yes, if you take a look at my classroom you will see that I enjoy attending many Twins games during the year and even make the trip to Florida for spring training.  Besides baseball, you will find me often riding my bike along the road-side all summer and sometimes tandem with my wife, and you will find me ice-fishing most of the winter.  Don't ask me where I catch them, I'll never tell you the truth.

In 2011 I did my first ride of RAGBRAI, all 455 miles of it!  Very enjoyable and I would enjoy telling you all about it if you ask.  I have also continued riding Ragbrai the past 4 years with my wife on our tandem.  Great times. Great stories to tell.

I am very passionate about teaching math and physics and enjoy every minute.

A few Mr. Roush quotes students should know.

" I enjoy working but will never have a job "

" No is a complete sentence "

" Don't ask why, accept the reality of the answer given "

" Good ideas are useless if we cannot communicate them "

" It is very difficult to help those who choose to not help themselves first "