We are seeking a five (5) year non-recurring revenue override referendum in the amount of $300,000 per year.
Public informational meeting March 20 at 7:00pm in high school gym.
Wisconsin Schools have been under “Revenue Limits” for over 20 years. Revenue limits are driven by membership count, general aid, computer aid, general tax levy, non-referendum debt, and capital projects. Each school is given a one page “Revenue Limit Worksheet” to fill out each year with strict preloaded information. Schools simply fill in their membership numbers, aids, and levy funds to arrive at their limits. The calculation results are what the district has to work with and the Board must regulate expenditures to fit within this limit. Until budget year 2011-12 there was an allowable increase each year to cover increased costs of operation. This increase was very close to the CPI (consumer price index) for inflation. During the 2011-12 year the allowable increase per student was changed to a negative ($520.08) per student. Because Luck has always been considered a “low spending” district by the DPI our reduction was reduced to ($456.03) per student. This amounted to our overall revenue decrease of ($236,223.54) during budget year 2011-12. During the same budget year the state reduced our state aid by $210,451.00.

Examples of Revenue Override Referendums in Local Schools

 District     Amount Type Year

$1,000,000Recurring 2006-Current 
Barron $790,000Non-Recurring 2012-2017 

$200,000/$300,000 School Year 2012 and 2014 
Prairie Farm $150,000 Non-Recurring 2006-2011 
Siren$125,000/$250,000 Non-Recurring 99-04/04-09 
Turtle Lake$125,000 to $600,000 School Year 2012/2016 

$900,000 Recurring 2006-Current 

A total of 33 school districts are seeking approval for a revenue override during this year's February and April elections for a total of $33,755,000.  According to the DPI referenda report there have been 30 successful revenue overrides in CESA 11 (made up of local schools) from 1990-2013.