Loughborough University Centre for Autonomous Systems

 Loughborough University Centre for Autonomous Systems (LUCAS)
 specialises in the research and development of autonomous ground
 and air vehicles.

 The Centre focuses on postgraduate research and is also involved in
 the supervision of ongoing undergraduate projects. 

About the centre

LUCAS is a multi-disciplinary research centre bridging the fields of aeronautics with control and robotics. Based in Holywell Park at Loughborough University, the centre has access to numerous facilities, allowing for both indoor and outdoor flight testing.


LUCAS aims to further the capabilities of unmanned aircraft. Research areas of note include multi-vehicle aerial manoeuvres, high definition aerial photography, surveying for civil and mapping applications, integration of UAVs into civilian airspace and long endurance unmanned operations.

Centre Team

Led by Professor Wen-Hua Chen, our team includes several research associates, numerous postgraduate research students, as well as an annual throughput of undergraduate students.