General Info

Reminder: 5 ALEKS topics need to be completed by Sunday midnight to count for current week.  Work for the topics is due on Mondays.  ALEKS assignments must have a score of 80% to receive credit and must have all work shown on graph paper.  You have multiple attempts to receive an 80% or higher score. If you score 80% you receive a score of 8/8 (For example, 25%=2.5/6 -50%=5/8  -- 92%=9.2/8 --100%=10/8)  There for you can earn extra credit by getting higher than 80% on assignments and by doing extra topics.  Late work will be graded if completed prior to Chapter Assessment.

Please make sure to have the following supplies:
---CHARGED Chromebook
---Graph Paper
---Binder for all work