Community Connect Scholarship Competition: Secret Millionaire Edition: Rules and Deadline (Still time to participate!)

posted Apr 6, 2011, 8:05 AM by Karen Evans
The Spring 2011 Community Connect Scholarship competition -- a competition EXCLUSIVE to LTU students -- is underway, but there is still plenty of time for you and/or a group of students to enter!

Each winning student (whether an individual or a member of a team) will receive an LTU scholarship.

How to participate
(1) E-mail Dr. Evans at to let us know that you are planning to enter a project
(2) Working alone or with a team of students, prepare a marketing plan that will help Really Living Corporation see an increase in monetary donations so that they can purchase additional vehicles to provide dialysis patients with needed thrice-weekly transportation. See details below.
(3) Submit your marketing plan to no later than May 15, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. EST.
(4) The Really Living Corp board will evaluate submissions and we will announce winners soon after the deadline. The winning student or winning team will each receive a $500 LTU scholarship.

The marketing plan
Background on Really Living Corp
Really Living Corp was recently featured on ABC's "Secret Millionaire." You can watch the full episode here: . The organization's website is

Really Living Corp was founded by John Cook, who himself was a hemodialysis patient from a very young age. Hemodialysis requires three weekly visits to a dialysis center to undergo 4-hour treatments. If a patient misses even one appointment a month, his/her likelihood of death increases by 25%. A dialysis patient cannot survive more than two weeks without a treatment, because the dialysis machine is literally taking the place of the patient's malfunctioning or failed kidneys. While many patients are fortunate enough to have medical insurance, the insurance does not cover the cost of transportation to the dialysis centers.

Really Living Corp provides transportation for patients in the metro-Detroit area to dialysis and chemotherapy appointments. While they do not need additional volunteers at this time, they do need increased funding.

Your Marketing Plan
You should submit a marketing plan that is at least 3 pages in length, addressing your idea for how Really Living can see a significant increase in monetary donations and/or how Really Living can partner with other agencies and with for-profit companies to obtain the necessary resources.

Your plan must include:
(1) Statement of your overall objective. (e.g., "this plan will enable Really Living Corp to see a 10% increase in donations over the next calendar year.") Follow this with specific objectives that RLC should seek to achieve.

1.       (2) Identify the target market (should be clear from the objective statement) -- who are you recommending that RLC reach out to?

   (3  (3) Outline how RLC can achieve the objectives (this is the strategy - the specific steps RLC should take)

  (4    (4) Outline how RLC can implement the strategy 

  (    (5) Outline how RLC can measure and evaluate the results of the implemented plan