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Advising for Summer and Fall 2011 Registration

posted Mar 28, 2011, 9:11 AM by Karen Evans
Registration starts the week of April 18! Seniors (90+ credits) and Honors students get to register on Monday, with the levels progressively becoming available throughout the week. You should have your schedule planned and ready before advising begins!

It might seem that August is far away and, while it is, classes can start filling up much earlier than you might expect. So meet with your advisor today!

Who is your advisor? How do you get in touch?

If you have earned 0-59 credit hours toward your degree (ESL and courses like MCS0035, MCS0054, and COM0094 do not apply toward your degree), you will meet with Dr. Evans -- -- advising scheduler here:

If you have earned 60 or more credit hours toward your degree, you will meet with Amanda Falkenbury --

Before your advising appointment, it might be helpful for you to review your curriculum requirements ( -- click on Business Management or Information Technology and you will locate the degree requirements at the bottom right of the page) and the Using Your Electives page.