The Week in Learning Technology January 23-31

posted Feb 1, 2011, 12:13 PM by
 Google Apps Marketplace Adds an Education Aisle Google today unveiled an education-focused section of its Google Apps Marketplace, a directory of Web-based services, which could expand options for colleges and universities that have adopted Google’s free e-mail and application suite. The Wired Campus 1/25/2011
 Technology Leaders Balk at Technical Guideline in Federal Grant ProgramSome higher-education leaders say a little-noticed technical note in a new $2-billion federal grant program could make it difficult for colleges to use the money to build free online course materials.
 The Wired Campus 1/25/2011
 Video Uses Student Voices to Explore New Directions in Education He wants “to hear from probably the most important voice in the question of where to go next with education, and that voice, of course, is the students themselves.” The Wired Campus 1/26/2011
 A Digital Library Guru Discusses New Rules on Sharing Scientific Data Last week, a significant change went into effect at the National Science Foundation: The agency will now require researchers to submit data-management plans with their grant proposals. The Wired Campus 1/28/2011
 Biology Professors Use Cloud Computing to Reach Students To help reduce the number of dropouts in freshman biology courses, professors at the University at Buffalo have turned to the power of collaboration and cloud computing to build an online teaching tool designed to explain concepts better than a textbook can. The Wired Campus 1/28/2011
 Upstart Course-Management Provider Goes Open Source Instructure, a course-management software company that recently won a large contract in Utah, announced on Tuesday that it would make most of its software platform available for free under an open-source license. The Wired Campus 1/31/2011
 iPhone App Raises Questions About Who Owns Student Inventions An iPhone app designed by a team of students for a contest at the University of Missouri at Columbia has helped lead the institution to rewrite its intellectual-property policies. The Wired Campus
 McGraw-Hill to Provide English Instruction and Test Prep Through Cellphones in India McGraw-Hill is building a mobile-phone platform to teach English and college test preparation to people in India, which the publisher hopes will help it tap into rapidly expanding cellphone use in emerging markets. The Wired Campus 1/30/2011