The Week in Learning Technology January 1-12 2011

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Not exactly a week, but with the holidays the best we could do...

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 2 Winona State Students Are Suspected of Involvement in Large-Scale Cybercrimes Two foreign-exchange students at Winona State University are suspected of participating in a major cybercrime ring based in Vietnam, according to recently unsealed court documents, the Star Tribune of Minneapolis reports. The Wired Campus 1/4/2011
 Blind Law-School Grad Wins Right to Use Assistive Technology on Bar Exam A blind law-school graduate won a legal victory today in her fight to take two legal exams with help from assistive software. It’s the latest in a series of court battles over issues of technology accessibility. The Wired Campus 1/4/2011
 After Chronicle Story, a Tech Company Improves Accessibility for Blind Users A company that sells a social-networking application to colleges is improving the accessibility of its product after problems with the software were spotlighted in a Chronicle report on flawed technology that locks out blind users. The Wired Campus 1/7/2011
 Walt Mossberg Says Colleges Will Deal With a Deluge of Tablets In his keynote address at the Higher Ed Tech Summit, Walt Mossberg, the influential technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal, told an audience of higher-education officials and company executives that their future held many tablet computers. And not just the iPad, but some of the 70 or so new tablet devices that have been announced this week at the Consumer Electronics Show here. The Wired Campus 1/7/2011
 Online Game Teaches Citation Skills University of Michigan researchers are hoping a new game they developed will help students with the dreaded academic task of crafting a bibliography—and make it more fun. The Wired Campus 1/7/2011
 Washington Bill Would Expand Reach of Western Governors U. A state legislator is calling for Washington State to form a partnership with Western Governors University to allow students to more easily sign up for courses from the nonprofit online institution. The Wired Campus 1/10/2011
 Microsoft Expands Web-Based Services for Its College E-Mail System Here’s the latest in the battle over student in boxes: Microsoft announced today that it is expanding what it offers as part of its free e-mail service for colleges. The features it is adding resemble some of those included in Google’s Apps for Education service. The Wired Campus 1/11/2011
 Academic Publisher Unveils Social-Networking Service for Social Sciences A major academic publisher is pushing further into the social-networking business. Sage Publications today unveiled a Facebook-like site for social scientists, called socialsciencespace, with the goal of bringing together academics, agency officials, and policy makers through forums, blogs, and other user-generated content. Sage already runs similar sites for research methods, criminology, and media studies and communication. The Wired Campus 1/12/2011
 MIT Tries New Approach for Some OpenCourseWare Call it OpenCourseWare 2.0. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced today a new chapter in its popular effort to offer lecture notes and other materials from its courses free online.
 The Wired Campus 1/12/2011
 In Bid to Expand Into Student Services, Blackboard Buys PresidiumBlackboard, known for its course-management software, is moving into a whole new sector. Today the company announced that it bought Presidium Inc., which provides outsourced call centers and consulting services for admissions, financial aid, and other student services, and also runs IT help desks for many colleges.
 The Wired Campus 1/12/2011