The Week in Learning Technology - November 8-15, 2010

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 EDUCAUSE Live! Web SeminarNovember 18—Privacy Issues Associated with the Use of Biometrics in Higher Education: Risks and Best Practices 
 EDUCAUSE 11/11/2010
 ADA Compliance Is a ‘Major Vulnerability’ for Online ProgramsMany universities may be vulnerable to complaints about accessibility issues in online courses because of the decentralized way they handle compliance with a federal law that protects people with disabilities from discrimination, a new report says.
 The Wired Campus 11/12/2010
 Tweeting Students Earn Higher Grades Than Others in Classroom Experiment Students chatting on Twitter both inside and outside the classroom got higher grades than their nontweeting peers in a recent experiment conducted at a medium-size public institution in the Midwest. The Wired Campus 11/12/2010
 Penn State Accused of Discriminating Against Blind Students Blind students and professors suffer “pervasive and ongoing discrimination” at Penn State University because of the widely inaccessible nature of technology used on the campus, according to a federal complaint filed today by the country’s largest organization of blind people. The Wired Campus 11/12/2010
 Black colleges look to increase online ed presenceWhile black colleges only enroll about 11 percent of all black students, their traditions and legacies still resonate in the African-American community. It makes sense that those schools would want to recapture students from for-profits like the University of Phoenix, said Richard Garrett, managing director of the consulting firm Eduventures.
 AP 11/14/2010
 Education and the new normal- a call for papers for On the Horizon On the Horizon announces a special issue, “Education and the New Normal.” The journal seeks critical thought on education futures across disciplines, institutional and geo-political borders, as well as on the shifting matrix of knowledge providers, traditional, new, emerging and yet to come.
 Ideagora 11/13/2010