The Week in Learning Technology - May 3-18 2011

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 YouTube Teams Up With Film Schools to Offer Video Boot Camps YouTube has teamed up with the University of Southern California and Columbia College Chicago to run boot camps this summer for a select group of amateur video makers chosen by the company and the schools’ professors. The Wired Campus 5/3/2011
 Microsoft agrees to buy Skype for $8.5B Microsoft Corp. said Tuesday that it has agreed to buy the popular Internet telephone service Skype SA for $8.5 billion in the biggest deal in the software maker's 36-year history. AP 5/10/2011
 Researchers at U. of Texas and Yale Use Computers to Simulate Schizophrenia A research team including computer scientists at the University of Texas at Austin and a professor of psychiatry at Yale have been testing various theories of how schizophrenic brains misfire as they process information. People with schizophrenia often have trouble repeating different stories, for instance, frequently combining elements of separate stories and inserting themselves into the narrative. The Wired Campus 5/9/2011
 Will the Internet Destroy Academic Freedom? The cherished principle of academic freedom may be Googled to death, according a new article in the journal called—appropriately—Academic Freedom. Philo A. Hutcheson, associate professor of educational-policy studies at Georgia State University, writes that academics used to be seen as society’s experts, but the Internet makes everybody think they are experts because knowledge is at their fingertips. And if society no longer believes professors have special expertise, it may no longer grant them the ability to pursue controversial ideas that grow from it. The Wired Campus 5/11/2011
 The Library of Congress Adds a Jukebox The free online music repository features streaming versions of recordings from Victor Talking Machine Co. that were made between 1901 and 1925, a period predating the use of microphones in recording. Sony Music Entertainment provided the music from its catalog. More recordings housed by Sony, from Columbia Records and OKeh, will be added to the jukebox. The Wired Campus 5/10/2011
 Yale U. to Offer Digital Images of Objects From Its Collections Yale University announced today that it is making digital images of objects in its many collections freely available online. “In a departure from established convention, no license will be required for the transmission of the images, and no limitations will be imposed on their use,” the university said in its statement.
 The Wired Campus 5/10/2011
 Online Courses Should Always Include Proctored Finals, Economist Warns Online economics students do not absorb much material from homework and chapter tests during the semester—perhaps because they expect to be able to cheat their way through the final exam. That is the lesson from a study that Cheryl J. Wachenheim, an associate professor of agribusiness and applied economics at North Dakota State University, will present in July at the annual meeting of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association. The Wired Campus 5/10/2011
 The Rise of Teaching Machines At Arizona State University, a high-tech teaching tool with roots in the pre-Internet 1950s has created a bit of a buzz. The Wired Campus 5/8/2011
 U. of California Faculty Leader Questions Online Effort The University of California should not develop any new courses for its online pilot project beyond the 29 it has already selected until the online courses can be properly evaluated, the chair of the system’s academic senate wrote in a letter to President Mark G. Yudof last week.
 The Wired Campus 5/13/2011
 More Distance-Education Students Means More Off-Site Instructors, Survey Finds Enrollment growth in distance education at community colleges outpaced overall growth in higher education, and colleges are increasingly turning to off-campus instructors who telecommute to deal with that demand, according to the results of the Instructional Technology Council’s 2010 Distance Education Survey. The Wired Campus 5/18/2011