The Week in Learning Technology - April 5-14 2011

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 More Pupils Are Learning Online, Fueling Debate on Quality The growth has come despite a cautionary review of research by the United States Department of Education in 2009. It found benefits in online courses for college students, but it concluded that few rigorous studies had been done at the K-12 level, and policy makers “lack scientific evidence of the effectiveness” of online classes.
 NYT 4/5/2011
 Seizing on Student’s File-Sharing Case, Advocates Press for Copyright ReformBut for copyright-reform advocates, a lawsuit filed against Mr. Tenenbaum by the music industry has provided an instrument to sound alarms about a broader issue: how fear of enormous damages can chill innovation that involves even a minimal risk of copyright liability.
 The Wired Campus
 Reversing Course, U. of California to Borrow Millions for Online Classes In the midst of a budget crisis, the University of California plans to borrow at least $2-million to pay for a controversial project to build online courses rather than relying entirely on outside grants or donations, as university leaders had previously said. The Wired Campus 4/8/2011
 Stanford Students Start Their Own Course-Management Web SiteA student-run Web site at Stanford University seeks to convince students to input their class assignments to keep themselves—and their classmates—more organized. It could, founders hope, grow into a student-run course-management system.
 The Wired Campus 4/8/2011
 Colleges Aren’t Keeping Up With Student Demand for Hybrid Programs, Survey Suggests Students want hybrid programs that blend online and face-to-face experiences. But colleges don’t seem to be providing enough of them to meet the demand. The Wired Campus 4/14/2011
 Internet2 Upgrade Will Let Researchers Share Data Faster A new network under development by Internet2 will give researchers at member colleges and other participating institutions up to 10 times more bandwidth—making it easier and faster to share large data sets. The Wired Campus 4/14/2011