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LTU Online Program - Student Mid Term Evaluation Results

posted Dec 21, 2010, 10:09 AM by Diane Cairns

Fall 2010 Mid Term Online Student Evalution Participation Results
What students say and how they perform can give both the instructor and evaluator insight into teaching effectiveness, especially with regard to instructional design and delivery for LTU Online programs.
LTU Online uses Blackboard Survey and Organizations to provide students the opportunity to comment on teaching effectiveness and course content by completing the student evaluation survey online.  This environment maintains student anonymity and final results are distributed to instructors after final grades are posted.
Most schools collecting online ratings consider response rates to be a challenge. Response rates average around 60%; in comparison to 80% for paper student evaluation surveys.
LTU Online applies direct and frequent communication with students and instructors. The initial email provides direction and subsequent communications remind them of the participation requirement and the level of participation overall and for their specific class.
Response rates for Fall 2010 Mid Term for all LTU Online programs reached 67%

College Enrollment  Final Response Rate Final Participation 
Total All Colleges 785 523 67%
Architecture 295 212 72%
Management 348 234 67%
Engineering 49 30 61%
Arts and Science 93 47 51%

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