Have you tried using GoogleSites lately?

posted Jun 3, 2011, 2:43 PM by Marija Franetovic

How do I access Edit mode? Click on the web page that you want to edit (left navigation panel of your Google site). Click on the Edit Page button (upper right hand corner). 

How do I Save changes? Once you have completed editing the page, make sure you click on Save (upper right hand corner).

How do I Add Content? Click inside the Text box and Add Content (as you would in a word processing program).

How do I Add an Attachment? Click on the Attachments link (bottom of the page). Click on the Browse button (right of the Attach a File Text box).  Locate the file you want to attach and Double click on it.

How do I Format Content? GoogleSite acts like a WYSIWYG editor with formatting options similar to those of a word processing program (across the top).

How do I Add a Link - First, type your Link Name in the main editing Text box of the page.  Copy the http address of your link. Highlight the Link Name and click on Link (across the top). Click on Web Address (left navigation panel of dialog box). Paste the http address in the Text box. Click on Ok (lower left of dialog box).