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College of Architecture and Design Offers Online Studios

posted May 10, 2011, 11:50 AM by Rachel Levich

The College of Architecture and Design in collaboration with eLearning Services, offered the first fully online studios in the country in the Fall of 2010. Two sections of Advanced Design Studio were taught by Mark Farlow and John Abela. These courses were taught using Wimba Classroom, an online live classroom environment that allows students to talk, see video feeds of each other, and chat while viewing PowerPoint presentations. The main challenge of offering an online studio was maintaining a high level of collaboration and interaction, which became less of an issue as the students and instructors got more comfortable communicating with the new technology. The response to these first two studios was positive, and we offered Arch Design 7 Typology this spring with Heidi Beebe. Arch Design 7 Typology will run for a second time this summer with Doug Skidmore. These studios all support the fully online Master of Architecture degree program at Lawrence Tech.

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